The newest step making gmail account 2018

The newest step making gmail account 2018 - Lately,  I have many activities because of that I can not focus in writing a new post. I was so busy in practicing repairing parabola which I have ever posted in this website before.  Many of them ask by WA,  telephine and sms.  But alhamdulillah because of that oosting I got many viewers.

Most of them succees in practicing setting parabola to get signal telkom 3S. I will not be bored to share other tips and trick for remove hoax or unclear news.  

In this occasion I will share step to make new email account. Email is electronic mail. In bahasa indonesia Email is akronim: ratel, ratron, surel, atau surat-e) or pos elektronik (akronim: pos-el.) it is the media sending letter by using computer network such as internet.

Email is very usefull for us by it we can send letter easily without going anywhere.  Many email addrrss but the most popukar is gmail.  Before gmail become famous was yahoo the king but after google become the most popular search engine, yahoo was down slowly. And RIP on february 2017.

Kinds of email: 
  • Yahoo mail is yahoo's. 
  • Gmail is google's.
  • Google outlook is microsoft's

Actually making email is very easy but it will be the big problem for someone who does not know IT whereas they are not lazy to read and trying they will understand And on my opinion,  the key success It  dan kunci sukses IT is brave taking risk and many others,  if you don not have one of them its mean that you are lazy to read. That is my suggestion guys.  Thank you...! 

Well I will share to you the detail in making email in gmail.Com

1. Insert this address 
if you are in english language please change into indonesia language if you do not understand english well. Below are the steps. 

2. After that choose OPSI LAINNYA

3. Then choose PILIH BUAT AKUN

4. Fill all of them,  name address and others then press lanjutkan

5. After that press panah ke bawah 

6. Then saya setuju 

7. Finish, but if you are redirecred to verivication number handphine please do it first choosing text message then it will be notivication unique number in your handphone.  Insert it then press continue.

8. After that finish and it will appear  message like this.  
9. Press continue to gmail and finish.  

Conratulation you have been success making email and may this article can make you easier making email and if you have difficulty you can contact me.  Thank you. Happy sending email

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